Arts Planning: Church Street, Parramatta

  • Discipline
    Public Arts Planning
  • Expertise
    Arts planning, concept development, research, report writing
  • Scope
    Research, writing, conceptual framework
  • Year
  • Location
    Church Street, Parramatta
  • Team
    Heidi Axelsen, Hugo Moline
  • Status
MAPA was engaged to produce a public arts plan for development and adaptive re-use of an existing building on Church Street, Parramatta. The proposed works in the plan aimed to contribute to the public realm and introduce interpretive and cultural elements into the built form of the development. The works proposed aim to provide a greater sense of local identity and aesthetic experience to the area. The public arts plan outlined the site and local context of the proposed development and presents the conceptual framework of integrated public art, potential locations for artworks within the development and some potential artwork treatments & concepts. The plan also details a process to develop an artwork from concept through to design development, fabrication and installation and an indicative timeline for implementing public artworks.