Kit of Parts: Penrith Triangle Park

  • Client
    Penrith City Council
  • Discipline
    Urban Design
  • Expertise
    Collaborative design & workshop facilitation
  • Scope
    Produce a kit of parts for a temporary transformation of urban space in Penrith and facilitate a workshop.
  • Scale
  • Materials
  • Year
  • Location
  • Photography
    Sketches by Hugo Moline
  • Team
    Hugo Moline, Heidi Axelsen, Place Partners, Penrith City Council
  • Status
Place Partners and Penrith City Council engaged Heidi & Hugo to research, develop & design of a custom ‘kit of parts’ for community engagment for the creation of a ‘trial park’ in Penrith town centre. We developed a series of customised and off-the-shelf options for seating, shelter, planting and ground treatments, limited to using ready-made, affordable, durable (2 -3 yrs), prefabricated materials that could be assembled on-site. This process involved research into Western Sydney suppliers and their associated products; designing components for seating, shelter, planting and ground treatments; making preliminary arrangements with suppliers and the costing of each element and presenting the kit of parts at the community workshop to co-design the park.