Mammoth: The Anti-artifact Project

  • Client
    Underbelly Arts 2013
  • Discipline
    Public Art
  • Expertise
    Site specific interactive installation
  • Scope
    Design, production, installation
  • Scale
  • Materials
    Arduino, PA, computers, car parts: lights, car motors, aerials
  • Year
  • Location
    Cockatoo Island
  • Photography
    Photos by Heidi Axelsen
  • Team
    Heidi Axelsen, Hugo Moline, Adriano Pupilli
  • Status
There is a huge object floating in Fitzroy dock. It bobs gently, tethered by thick ropes, it looks as though it has long ago given up trying to escape, its head a nest of seagulls, its belly covered by weed. Around the perimeter of the dock stand a motley collection of other great machines looking on, arms broken, heads missing, pitted with rust. The gargantuan machines of Cockatoo Island are a particular source of fascination for us. Awe-inspiring, mystic yet sad, somehow defeated, made redundant, slowly turning into museum pieces, like brawny old men feeling useless in retirement. Our project engaged with and resisted their decline into sterilized artifacts by engaging with their enormous potential as imaginative infrastructures. Harnessing their massiveness, intricacy, specificity to generate a new relationship to these machines.