Naval Stores

  • Client
    Defence Housing Australia, Parramatta Council
  • Discipline
    Public Art
  • Expertise
    Public domain works
  • Scope
    Design and delivery
  • Scale
    3 (H) x 5.4 (W) x 26 (L) meters
  • Materials
    6mm galvanised & powdercoated plate steel
  • Year
  • Location
    Ermington, Sydney, Australia
  • Team
    Heidi Axelsen & Hugo Moline
  • Status
    Work in progress
The Naval Stores which once lined this site were powerful objects in the landscape. They were also enigmatic, huge yet mute, impenetrable, inspiring curiousity as to what mysteries they contained. This work seeks to draw on both the external power and the internal mystery of the Naval Stores to create a dynamic and engaging work appropriate to its contemporary setting.The starting point for the work is the volume of one of the iconic Nissen-Hut Warehouses. Slices are taken through this volume to create a series of five steel walls. The walls zig-zag at unique and precise angles so that while the Nissen shape is obvious when viewed from the front, as one moves around to the side the forms shift and change dramatically.