Rogue Wayfinders

  • Client
    Parramatta Council
  • Discipline
    Public Art, installation
  • Expertise
    Responsive site specific work activated by public participation
  • Scope
    Design and production
  • Scale
  • Materials
    Motors, bells, traffic cones, paint, concrete blocks, Arduino micro-controllers, wires, 12 volt lighting, infrared sensor switches.
  • Year
  • Location
    Batman Lane, Roxy Walk & Lane 14, Parramatta
  • Photography
    Photos by Amanda James
  • Team
    Adriano Pupilli, Hugo Moline, Heidi Axelsen
  • Status
The Rogue Wayfinders are a series of sitespecific encounters that simultaneously provide a trail to follow and reasons to stop and enjoy the place you have discovered. The great strength of the Laneway Festival is the rare opportunity it creates to explore the hidden and overlooked places of Parramatta. It is this quality of the Festival that Rogue Wayfinders seeks to celebrate and enhance. From the carparks of Parramatta we borrow the simple yellow arrow and traffic cones the universal symbols of ‘follow-me’ or ‘watch out’, but rather than simply pointing out a destination, the Rogue Wayfinders through sensor activated lights & bells sough to become destinations & distractions in themselves. This work was cobbled together motors, bells, traffic cones, Arduino micro-controllers, wires, 12 volt lighting, infrared sensor switches along with paint & concrete blocks.