Signs of Survival: The Wild Fennel Project

  • Client
    Crisis Complex exhibition, Tin Sheds Gallery
  • Discipline
    Public Art
  • Expertise
    Temporary public art, installation, community participation
  • Scope
    Design and production
  • Scale
    Dimensions variable
  • Materials
    Plywood, crutches, wax, fennel seeds, led lights, photographic prints.
  • Year
  • Location
    Tin Sheds Gallery & various Locations around Marrickville
  • Photography
    Images by Heidi Axelsen
  • Team
    Heidi Axelsen, Hugo Moline, Laura Brozky
  • Status
Signs of Survival: The WIld Fennel Project was a produced for the Crisis Complex exhibition at the Tin Sheds Gallery curated by Laura McLean & Sumugan Sivanesanis. This project was also supported by the Marrickville Council Independent Artist Grant. This project was an exercise in gleaning, borrowing and making do to highlight the resourcefulness and hidden potential in our urban landscape and community. Drawing inspiration from the tenacity and resourcefulness of the wild fennel, which self propagates along roadsides and other urban leftovers, the project collected and shared stories of resilience, hope and survival which were then hand-painted onto signs erected at sites of fennel in the Marrickville LGA.