Stockland Creative Enterprise Space

  • Client
    Stockland Wetherill Park, Information & Cultural Exchange
  • Discipline
    Arts Planning
  • Expertise
    Workshop facilitation, community engagement, graphic design
  • Scope
    Community consultation and report writing
  • Scale
  • Materials
  • Year
  • Location
    Stockland, Wetherill Park
  • Photography
    Photos by Heidi Axelsen
  • Team
    Heidi Axelsen, Hugo Moline, Adam Dunn, Information & Cultural Exchange
  • Status
MAPA was engaged by Information & Cultural Exchange and Stockland to facilitate community engagement for a new space which will be dedicated to a community enterprise at the re-developed Wetherill Park shopping center. We held a series of one-on-one conversations with many of the existing groups within the Fairfield area and individuals working creatively in the community, canvassing the potential they saw for this new space. From these conversations, a number of common themes for the space emerged. Through a collaborative design session, a group of key community members met to collectively find the best 2-3 options for the space in terms of meeting community need, economic viability, management certainty and relevance to the site and the broader community. The result was a report with recommendations for the new creative enterprise space which have been implemented into the design of the renewed Stockland in Wetherill Park.