Unauthorised Access

  • Client
    Shelter Union, UNSW Galleries
  • Discipline
    Public Art, participatory architecture
  • Scope
    Design and production
  • Materials
    Builders mesh, galvanised scaffolding, LED message board, plywood.
  • Year
  • Location
    Clyne Reserve, The Rocks
  • Team
    Hugo Moline, Heidi Axelsen, Adriano Pupilli
  • Status
A public billboard for the creation, collection and distribution of public 'unsolicited proposals' for Millers Point at Clyne Reserve. A public call out for contributions from anyone with a better idea for Millers Point to submit their proposal for inclusion. Side by side, the two most contentious developments in Sydney are proceeding apace. To the east, the social and affordable housing of Millers Point are being cleared for sale. To the west Barangaroo’s hollow headland park has risen to meet them, closely followed by the office towers and an ‘unsolicited’ casino. These two vastly different but intimately connected developments raise significant questions about development in our city: In whose interest is this happening? Who gets to say how our city is made/unmade? The temporary barricades which are erected around construction sites across the city are a physical manifestation of the obscurity and exclusivity of city making in Sydney. Scaffolding, plywood hoardings, plastic scrim and signs declaring NO UNAUTHORISED ACCESS. In reaction to this we made a space which supports UNAUTHORISED ACCESS to discuss and debate these developments. A space which invites people in rather than keeps them out. A space to ask questions and imagine other possibilities. A space to create ‘unsolicited proposals’ of our own.