UNE Future Campus

  • Client
    University of New England
  • Discipline
    Urban Design, Industrial Design
  • Expertise
    Public domain works
  • Scope
    Design and delivery
  • Year
  • Location
    Parramatta, Sydney, Australia
  • Team
    Heidi Axelsen, Hugo Moline, Adriano Pupilli
  • Status
The site contains many unique features which can be readily transformed with minimal intervention. Decking transforms the existing curved platform into a presentation stage, occasional seating to the sloping ground plane creates a natural amphitheater, a coat of white paint repurposes the expansive garage door into a screen for projection. The existing patina and line-work of the ground are the inspiration for a new layer of indicative ground-markings. White and magenta cross hatches indicate positions for furniture in its variety of modes, white polygons indicate potential projector throw onto two locations. The markings are simultaneously guide, trace and multiplier encouraging users to see the potential of the space at all times. The markings also create a sense of curiosity form the street, as the creep out into the public space. A set of custom-built, flexible furniture is also proposed. Each unit can be set horizontally as a two-person bench or vertically as a drinks table or projector stand. With integrated wheels and extendable handle, each unit can be easily positioned by a single person. When a special event is on all twelve units are in action, in everyday mode 6 units are permanent seating in the northern portico, able to be positioned to take advantage of the sun or shade at will.