Memory Vessel

Heidi Axelsen, Hugo Moline, Jamie Eastwood and Dean Kelly

Concrete, stone, shell, glass
Each form 3.5 L x  1 W x 1.4 H (m) approx
Client: Westmead Hospital Redevelopment
Arts consultant: HARC
Project management: Multiplex.

The starting point for Memory Vessel is the Nawi, the predominant form of watercraft transport throughout the harbour, rivers and creeks used by the people of Greater Sydney. For this project a set of Nawi were made again in the same way they always have been, using bark of the gum tree, the same tree whose leaves are used in the ceremonial smoking pit nearby.

The bark nawi became the form-work for to cast with a strata of tinted concrete with embedded stones, pebbles, shells and glass, reminiscent of the local geological digs in Westmead. 

This project was commissioned by HARC and Westmead Hospital Redevelopment Project.

Jamie Eastwood describes the strata layers of the casting.

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