OO: The Last Public Architecture 2016

Groundwork: from the archives up exhibition 

Curated by Joni Taylor and the New Landscapes Institute and includes new work by Zanny Begg, Vanessa Berry, Future Method Studio with Alvaro Carrillo and Carmen Blanco, Heidi Axelsen and Hugo Moline and Sarah Breen Lovett.

The last public architecture.

A brief history of the Owner Occupation.

At first no one knew where it came from. One night it would appear without warning, by the next night it would have doubled in size.

Patches of the dwelling-gathering began to periodically erupt onto vacant lots, golf courses, backyards and traffic islands. The old order tried to eradicate it, but lantana-like it always grew back. Remnant patches became safe havens for new fabrication. Like a swamp it slowed things down and swallowed things up, defying efficiency and orientation. In the end no-one could hold back the tide.

Sheltered within the soft walls and gentle canopies of the dwelling-gathering, a new colonial project was stirring. Out of a shared desire to replace the architecture of property with an architecture of use, the Owner Occupation (OO) was born.

MAPA Art + Architecture
Heidi Axelsen + Hugo Moline.   ︎    ︎   

An art and architecture collaborative working between the social and the spatial.