The Observatory

Marine plywood, galvanised plate steel, laminated glass, storm glass solution. 
Cabarita, Parramatta River, Sydney

Sited on the shores of the Parramatta River at Cabarita, The Observatory comprises three sculptural devices for observing and interacting with changes in the weather. Inspired by the former use of the site as a 19th century ‘pleasure garden’ and research into pre-industrial meteorological devices, each of the three devices allows you to ‘read’ a particular aspect of the weather and find links between time, wind, solar position and atmospheric variation.

The Storm-Glass Hut frames a 18th century glass-enclosed solution which forms crystals of varying forms and densities depending on the atmospheric pressure. The Wind-Flute-Sundial tracks the progress of the sun while producing different frequencies depending on the direction of the wind. The Anemometer-Chaise provides a simple gauge of wind speed from repurposed teacups as well as a comfortable place to rest and observe.

MAPA Art + Architecture
Heidi Axelsen + Hugo Moline.   ︎    ︎   

An art and architecture collaborative working between the social and the spatial.